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Tree removal can range from small trees right through to real problematic trees in difficult places.  This can include trees that are interfering with buildings, growing into other trees or hanging over other buildings.  Often jobs are not just taking the tree into consideration, but looking at how to best tackle the problem in the trees circumstances.

Tree Surgeon Whitburn

We have many years experience and therefore have the knowledge and skills required to come up with the best tree removal solution. We look at items such as how we are going to get the equipment to the tree, how we are going to safely remove the tree and how we are going to dispose of the tree safely.  We are fully qualified and full insured for your peace of mind.

We offer a quick response service to any contact made with us.

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Whatever your reasons for pollarding it can be a great system to prolong a trees life and spark new, fresh growth. Contact us for a Free Pollarding Quotation and to discuss a range of affordable options to ensure that you get the best value on the market and always work within your budget.

Typically trees that are a good choice to pollard are:

Oak – Ash – Elm – Willow – Elder – Lime – Eucalyptus 

Pollarding or ‘to pollard’ can be desired for many reasons including: encouraging new growth, keeping trees a required size, or on occasions to harvest the branches for animal fodder or be used for various crafts like weaving or to create fencing.

The Whitburn Tree Surgeon can help advise you about which trees you can cut-back using this pollarding method and we will always advise if we feel a tree you have selected is not suited to this type of surgery.


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Tree Surgeon Whitburn – What is a Tree Surgeon ?

A professional who has the correct skills for felling, removing, pruning and trimming trees of all shapes and heights. They can remove leftover tree stumps with a tree stump grinder machine. Some of these tasks can be quite dangerous so they need to be prolific tree climbers and confident in the use of chainsaws and other heavy machinery, not to mention have a head for heights. Tree removals or just limb removals have to be planned, there is a certain amount of precision as they need to be taken down to the ground in a very controlled manner, taking into account all surroundings, buildings and the general Public’s safety. 
A true tree surgeon like the ones supplied by us at Whitburn Tree Surgeons are 100% confident in their ability as this kind of work is second nature to them. All our surgeons have been through the appropriate rigorous training and hold the relevant certifications for tree surgery at your Livingston based property, plus health and safety regulations.

We complete and tender for all aspects of Residential and Commercial Tree services in the Whitburn Area

• Emergency Tree Service Edinburgh
• Land & Brush Clearing
• Tree Cutting Service + Trimming/Pruning
• Tree Planting & Location Planning
• Tree Crowning + Tree Crown Reduction
• Tree Cabling & Bracing
• Stump Grinding + Stump Removal
• Dead wood Removal + Deadwooding
• Tree Planting
• Tree Removal
• Hedge Removal
• Hedge Trimming 
• Hedge Management
• Crown Raising
• Crown Reduction
• Crown Thinning
• Dangerous Tree Work
• Tree Felling
• Sectional Dismantling
• Pollarding
• Safety Inspection
• Storm Damage
• Tree Preservation and Order Planning
• Full Maintenance Contracts
• Damaged Tree Site Clearance
• Diseased Trees and Diagnosis and Prevention Reports

Whitburn Tree Surgeon

Our way of thinking is to associate you with a respect for trees and the surroundings like we do. The Edinburgh Tree Surgeon works with trees every day and have become experts, in all the aspects of tree surgery and arborist work. We refuse to cut corners in either the job in hand or health and safety issues. If a task needs completing it must be executed correctly, no excuses!
We pride ourselves in our ongoing business and dedicated customer service relationships we have built over the years, completely at ease and confident in our ability to complete any tree surgery contract, either in the domestic or commercial sectors. We have all the modern up to date machinery twinned with highly trained, capable tree surgeon and arborist staff that really do enjoy their work.
One of our specialties is tree removal in Livingston and we are totally prepared for any circumstance that arises from tree removal. It does not matter what size of tree you would like removed, we are at your service. It could be a dead tree that needs disposed of, become dangerous or just blights your landscape and is unpleasant on the eye.

Whitburn Tree Surgeon

We take great care in dismantling unwanted trees so the hazardous limbs are removed prior to the main trunk. This ensures a safe removal and all health and safety issues are adhered to. 
So if you would like to know more about this professional service, you can make contact with us here.

Hedge maintenance Whitburn

When done correctly, a well trimmed and maintained hedge makes it strong and healthy promoting new growth and strengthening the root system making the hedge denser and in a better position to fight pest attacks and disease. A strong and healthy hedge looks better and serves its proper function to provide valuable shelter from gales, increasing privacy and forming a boundary around your Edinburgh property.

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Tree Surgeon Whitburn


We are City & Guilds NPTC qualified.


We assess the situation of the tree, any buildilngs that need protected and potential access problems and how they will be resolved.


We work efficiently to get the job done with minimum fuss.


We remove trees with minimum risk to surroundings and get the result.


We remove all remains of trees in an environmentally friendly way.


We are open to price matching – just let us know your requirements.


We are experts in all types of trees to ensure the best removal possible.


We turn up to a job with a smile on our face, we like what we do!

Tree Surgeon Whitburn

Important Considerations Regarding A Tree Surgeon For Healthy Trees

The importance of trees and proper tree care:
Trees play an important role in a healthy environment. They beautify our surroundings and are very important for the healthy breathing. They need proper care and maintenance and for that we need to employ well trained tree surgeon specialist.

Services provided by a tree surgeon: Whitburn

Tree surgeons provide a number of services. They are called surgeons because they need to perform surgery on trees. They cut down the extra outgrowths, trim the trees, and take out the infected parts, spray medicines on diseased and fungus affected parts. It is important to destroy them before they damage the whole forests and their surroundings. They also spray pesticides for the removal of insects and molds which may harm the forests.
They have to do this at high personal risk because these infected trees may harm them as well. By passing off in those pesticides may prove disastrous. Above all, plant specialists should be highly skilled to cut different branches of the plants in such dimensions that they do not block the view of the people. 

The principal points to know close to plant surgery: Whitburn

1. When a surgeon comes out to perform operation, he must have proper equipment for the operation. This is significant for the care of the garden and forests.
2. On that point are some plants which are ill, at first try to deliver them if not possible then cut them down. This is because they can harm the surrounding vegetation as well.

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Whether you’re in need our tree services or are just gathering information, we will be happy to help you sort out all of your tree care needs. 

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