The Benefits of Hiring an Edinburgh Tree Surgeon

Tree surgeons, or arborists, are skilled professionals who know practically all there is to know about every kind of tree.

During the late winter and early spring, you’ll often see teams on the roadside pollarding trees for the local council in places like Edinburgh, Livingston and Broxburn. If you’re lucky enough to have a tree on your property, however, a professional tree surgeon can also help maintain plant health and ensure strong growth.

Ensuring Trees are Safe

The main reason that trees are regularly cut back on the high street is to keep their growth under control. Branches can start to overhang the road, catch power and telephone lines because branches grow too tall. Trees can also present a threat during storms if they are allowed to get top-heavy.

Pollarding is the most common way of doing this and essentially means cutting the tree down to the main branches to encourage future growth. When you consider how many thousands of trees there are in a city such as Edinburgh, these professionals certainly have their work cut out.

Cutting in the Right Places

One of the things that many DIY tree pruners have in common is not understanding where to cut branches. Pruning and processes like pollarding are fairly scientific and they’re not always easy for even a gifted amateur to do effectively. Simply put, a qualified tree surgeon is trained to do the job and will ensure that your tree gets the right cut without damaging its wellbeing.

Cutting too large a branch or pruning at the wrong time of year are common mistakes that we come across quite often and they can have a big impact on the health of a tree.

Using the Appropriate Equipment

The difference between DIYers and professional tree surgeons is often having access to the right equipment. The only tools that your average homeowner possesses are telescopic loppers, secateurs and maybe a ladder. A team of tree surgeons will use a variety of tools from chainsaws, handsaws and axes to harnesses and specialist boots.

One area where tree surgeons often help out with is the removal of tree stumps. For bigger trees, this is a pretty arduous undertaking unless you have the right equipment and hiring a professional team can make things a lot easier for the average homeowner.

For amateurs, using equipment that is potentially dangerous such as chainsaws without proper training can also be particularly hazardous, especially when working at height.  

Operating at Height

One of the key hazards when trying to prune or cut down part of a tree is the height. This can be perilous if you don’t have the right equipment or are unused to working on a structure such as a ladder or a platform. Unfortunately, reaching for branches and putting yourself at risk is the quickest way to have an accident.

Tree surgeons use a range of ladders, harnesses and elevating work platforms that make life a lot easier and mucht safer. They are also trained to use equipment like chainsaws at height.

Advice for Ongoing Care of Your Tree

An experienced tree surgeon can also give you plenty of advice on how to maintain your trees over time without having to call in the professionals. For example, they can advise on the best way to prune a fruit tree so that you get the best harvest during the summer.

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Your local tree surgeon provides a wide range of services such as felling trees, removing stumps, pruning and pollarding, crown reduction and emergency care as well as providing other services such as hedge cutting.

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