How Easy Is It to Remove a Tree Stump?

Our Edinburgh team of tree surgeons often get called out to handle the removal of a tree stump or two, so we know what hard work it can be and the logistics involved. Most homeowners or local businesses don’t have the tools to do this properly, which is where we come in.

If you are planning on removing a tree stump in your garden, however, here are some things to think about before you get started.

Why Remove a Tree Stump?

There may be several reasons to get rid of a tree stump. You might want to use that piece of land for gardening, for example. Stumps, as they rot, can also become home to all sorts of pests that may cause problems for your home in the long run. Roots may even start sprouting new leaves and making the surrounding soil more uneven as the tree continues to grow.

Removing Smaller Tree Stumps

Obviously, the smaller the tree, the easier it is to remove. You can dig around a smallish stump and pull up enough to stop further growth, though it can still be backbreaking work.

If you have a more substantial stump, another option is to use a winch to physically remove most of the tree and the root system. You can also hire a mini excavator to clear the ground surrounding the stump.

Large Tree Stumps: What You Need

When it comes to much larger tree stumps, things get a little more difficult, not least because the root network underground is much more extensive. Unless you have a heavy-duty winch or digger, which is not advisable for most properties because of access issues, it can prove very challenging.

One solution is to use what is called a stump grinder which is a specialist piece of equipment that essentially grinds down to the root plate, leaving the lower roots intact but removing the stump from above ground. If the job is done probably, the underlying roots will rot away over time without you having to do anything more.

Should I Use Chemical Stump Removal?

There are various products on the market that allow you to apply a chemical to kill off your stump so that it rots away. This is not a short-term solution, however, and can often take several years to take effect. It’s more useful if your tree stump is in an awkward area which makes physical removal difficult – for example, if you are near a wall or the stump is surrounded by paving.

In addition, chemical stump removal isn’t the most eco-friendly option available and can have a long-term impact on the surrounding ground.

The Benefits of Using a Tree Surgeon

Tree stump removal often depends a lot on what you want to achieve. If you need to clear the stump and the root completely, it gets a lot more invasive and complicated. For anything more than a small stump that is easily removed by digging, it’s a good idea to consider hiring the services of an experienced tree surgeon.

We operate not just across the whole of Edinburgh but areas such as Livingston and Broxburn. Our customers include local councils, businesses and homeowners and we’ll be able to assess your problem and come up with the most affordable and effective solution for your needs. We’re also fully insured which means that you are completely protected if anything goes wrong.

If you need the services of a tree stump removal company in Edinburgh or the surrounding area, contact our expert team today to find out how we can help.